Our Mission

Booklyn’s mission is to promote artists’ books as art and research material and to assist artists and organizations in documenting, exhibiting, and distributing their artwork and archives within the academic market. We specifically assist artists and organizations committed to environmental and social justice. We work towards our mission by documenting, exhibiting, promoting, and distributing their work within educational institutions worldwide. We envision a world in which art and bookmaking are tools for education, personal agency, community engagement, and activism.

Our History

Founded in 1999, Booklyn is an artist-run, non-profit 501 (c) (3), consensus-governed, artists and bookmakers organization headquartered at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Over two decades, Booklyn has created a global network connecting hundreds of artists and organizations with educational institutions. Through that network, Booklyn has distributed thousands of books, artworks, archival collections, and box sets used by an audience reaching into the hundreds of thousands. We work directly with artists and social justice organizations to produce, document, and prepare work for acquisition by leading academic, artistic, and cultural institutions worldwide.

Through Booklyn’s Exhibition Program, we engage with our local community through exhibitions that focus on handmade and print-based works on paper that address urgent, socially-driven topics. Our Emerging Curators program ensures that our exhibitions are fresh, diversified, and forward thinking. Booklyn presents free and low cost book-, print-, and zine-making workshops hosted onsite or at like-minded partner sites, and we distribute free printmaking and bookmaking resources online. Our publishing imprint allows us to extend the cultural reach of our programs beyond the local community and institutions and into the hands of readers all identities and locations.