Our Comics Ourselves

Comics in the Time of Covid-19

Our Comics Ourselves

Comics in the Time of Covid-19



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Comics in the Time of Covid is an Our Comics, Ourselves curation
of 29 self-published and small press comics and ephemera, created largely
during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. These pieces document
times felt communally on a global scale, yet at the same time deeply
personal and individual.

Subject matter overwhelmingly revolves around personal experiences
of Covid-19 and lockdowns, sharing stories of sadness, humor, confusion
and the moments lived by artists, discussing how they made it
through an unprecedented time. Some pieces use a framing of locality,
parenthood, feminism, labor, and historical contextualization.

This curation comes inside a hand-stenciled archival box.

Work Included:

 1. 2020 Baby, Erin Shuttleworth, 2020

 2. A Pocket Guide to Covid-19 Etiquette, Malaka Gharib/NPR, 2020

 3. Bittersweet: A Pandemic Sketchbook, Nguyen Khoi Nguyen, 2020

 4. Confined Before Covid, A.B.O. Comix, 2020

 5. Corona Comics, Short Run Comics, 2020

 6. Covid Times, Pixin, 2020

 7. Covid Dawn, Jesse Lambert, 2020

 8. Covid Diaries, Pixin, 2020

 9. Dream 19, Lauren Norby, 2020

10. Essentials for the New Normal, Gina McMillan, 2020

11. Great Expectations, Gina McMillan, 2020

12. Heartland, Episode #16, Jan Descartes and Roxy, 2021

13. Hand Sewn Mask/No Sew Mask, Jan Descartes, 2020

14. I Knew I Could Do It, Keith Warren Greiman, 2020

15. Living Among Growing Numbers, Jesse Kontoniemi, 2020

16. Lonely Species, Louise Fisher, 2020

17. Malarkey #5, November Garcia, published by Birdcage Bottom Books, 2020

18. Masks 2020, Monica Johnson, 2020

19. Me & You, Moonkosh Press, 2020

20. Medical Worker Paper Doll, Mylo Mendez, 2020

21. Minimum Wage Martyrs, Taylor Hollingsworth, 2020

22. Pandemic Poem No. 1, Gina McMillan, 2020

23. Plague Journal #1, Michael Avolio, 2020

24. Quaranzine!, The Unusual Network, 2020

25. Shelter in Place, Tyler Cohen, 2020

26. Some Weird Things Quarantine: Issue #10, Nazli Cohen, 2020

27. The Goldilocks Zone of 2020, Gina McMillan, 2020

28. The Summer of Maximum Learning, Shromona Das, edited and published online by Blue Jackal, 2020

29. This is Not Our First Pandemic, Sarah Mirk, 2020