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Fracktured Lives

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Fracktured Lives



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Offset print, Screenprint


Post binding in a full sheet metal case


21 × 24 × 2 in



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Fracktured Lives is a massive, 25-pound book, bound in sheet metal, which comprehensively takes on the massive subject of fracking with a focus on the history of the resistance to this despicable extraction practice in New York State and beyond. The book features 50 screenprints by a diverse and inter-generational selection of artists, a veritable exhibition in an easily unbolted codex form.
Selected Artists: Joseph Beuys, Andrew Castrucci, Sue Coe, John Fekner, Yoko Ono, Alexandra Rojas, David Sandlin, Walter Sipser.
A full description of the Fracktured Lives project is contained in the attached PDF which has many of the texts and thumbnails of each of the prints.
A video of the publisher Andrew Castrucci paging the book may be viewed here.
David Hammons
Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Museum of Modern Art, NYC, N.Y.
New York University, Fales Library, NYC, N.Y.
Yoko Ono
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, N.Y.
Yale University, Haas Family Arts Library, New Haven, CT