little black book, Theophilus Imani (2020); Homie House Press, pub.; Offset Black and Silver; 66 pages, 12 fotos, offset printing; 3.5in x 5.5in; Edition of 150.

little black book is a personal navigation through the complex identity of a Ghanaian born and raised in Italy. This project gathers notes taken in moments of black delight found between duty and pleasure, learning and leisure, and the loss and finding of self. The book comes to life with notes, photographs, and sketches weaved together in the most poetic of ways.

This is a publication of Homie House Press, “a skeleton bones crew of femmes creating + publishing in the foto book medium. We are photographers + bookmakers + educators holding space for and with underrepresented communities. We are a playground where fotos become books, a safe space for secret stories and an open house for honest content. Find us migrating through the in-betweenness of all that we are, and al otro lado del charco.”