Brian D. Tripp

In My Time, In My Space, In My Place

Brian D. Tripp

In My Time, In My Space, In My Place


Undated (2021)

Edition Size



Acrylic, Ink, Marker pen




16 × 17 in



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A striking and graphically strident example of Brian D. Tripp’s iconic interpretation and representation of Karuk cultural history. Bookended by two Karuk dance characters in full regalia the book’s iconographic and English texts begin with a universal prayer of commonality and end with an extremely personal love story.
Tripp’s layering of texts and images on transparent onionskin paper parallels the layers of meaning in the book’s pages. The reader has to peel back the pages and the poetic associations that are at play in the book.
The “In My Time, In My Space, In My Place” book was designed by Brian Tripp and Marshall Weber and bound by Sophia Kramer of White Iris Books. Weber and Kramer have been collaborating with Tripp on the production of his artists’ books for over a decade.