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Scripps College, Denison Library

University of Texas at San Antonio

“Never Forget” is an open, variant edition of numbered artists’ books, each numbered volume will be made in an edition of 5. “Each numbered volume serves as a visual response to crimes committed against Black bodies, both past, and present, as well as to those persons whose lives will forever impact our society. Each bookend is adorned with matted fibers mirroring embellishments seen in the elaborate headdresses of African masks. Adinkra symbols occupy the background signifying ceremonial clothes worn by the Asante when bidding farewell. The Adinkra symbols depicted are: Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan – “Love never loses its way home”, and Sankofa- “Learn from the past.” – Sauda Mitchell

“Never Forget #1” honors: Side 1, Breonna Taylor (1993-2020), Ahmaud Arbery (1994-2020), George Floyd Jr. (1973-2020), and Emmett Till (1941-1955); Side 2: John Lewis (1940-2020), Chadwick Boseman (1976-2020), Toni Morrison (1931-2019)

“Never Forget #2” honors: Side 1: Trayvon Martin (1995-2012); Tamir Rice (2002-2014); Sandra Bland (1987-2015), Side 2: Cicely Tyson (1924-2021); Zora Neal Hurston (1891-1960); Robert Smalls (1839-1915)

Materials for the “Never Forget” series inclue: wood, fibers, linoleum relief print, paper, paint. 5 copies of “Never Forget #1” and “Never Forget #2” are now available.

My work currently focuses on utilizing printmaking and QR code technology as a creative non-traditional access method linking viewers to archival repositories, curated exhibitions, and aggregated data. Each work serves as a visual response to archival collection materials representative of the many stories that can be found deep within the archival landscape.” – Sauda Mitchell

About the Artist
Sauda Mitchell is an American printmaker, archivist, and educator from Winston-Salem, NC. She holds an Associate of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Art with a minor in Art History from the Savannah College of Art and Design, a Master’s in Library and Information Science (with a concentration in Archival Studies) from Drexel University, and is certified by the Academy of Certified Archivists. She currently serves as the SCAD Jen Library Archives and Special Collections Librarian at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2017, Mitchell was an artist in residence at SCAD. She has exhibited at The Beach Institute and SCAD Museum of Art. Select works are currently held in the permanent collection of the Savannah College of Art and Design, the University of Delaware, and private collections.

– Society of American Archivists,Lone Arrangers Steering Committee Member, Regional Representative, 2020-present
– Society of Georgia Archivists, Appointed Board Member, Mentoring Program Co-Chair, 2020-present
– ​Art Libraries Society of America, LoPresti Award Committee Committee /Judge, 2019-2020, 36th Annual Mary Ellen LoPresti Art Publication Awards
– ​Telfair Museums, Friends of the African American Arts, Member, 2017-present
– Atlanta Printmakers Studio Member, 2021-present
– Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Member