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Collage, Marbling, Offset-Lithograpghy, Rubbing, Suminagashi


Modified Tapes binding with leather spine


16 × 9 × 1 in




Brooklyn, NY

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Organik is honored to be have collaborated with “self-proclaimed, decolonial, hydro-feminist*” sTo Len on this lyric, lurid accounting of various confluences including psycho-marine-cartography, the age of Covid 19, and the collision of re-imagining/imaging of micro and macro-biology. Over 6 years in the making, the book’s travels through space and time parallel the superfluidity of its subject matter. Organik codexical maestro Christopher Wilde mashed-up various vintage nautical maps of the 1980s and ’90s and bound them in a hard-case. The Organik team then did a layer of rubbings** from various surfaces in Los Angeles’ Koreatown and the Angelus Rosendale cemetery (one of the oldest multi-denominational/multi-cultural cemeteries in California). The book was then delivered to Len who lovingly and generously applied his unique alchemical variety of Suminagashi marbling to each map creating a new universe of ocean-based geographies with a micro-biological overlay. The book was then finished by Allerslev and Weber with a literary collage of text wax-rubbed from the bronze plaques of Library Way on 41st Street in Manhattan, featuring writing by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Gu Cheng, Virginia Woolf, and a poignant and pertinent quote from Albert Camus’ “The Plague”.
“A sobering, yet optimistic visual, aesthetic rollercoaster ride, plunging the reader into an intimate microscopic seascape of contagions and then raising them to a dizzying global perspective of geography-altering climate change. This recent collaboration from the Organik art group is a sobering yet optimistic guide to intersectional, multi-universal, turbulence. Plague Chronicle’s dramatic texturing doesn’t so much as jump-up at the reader as pull the reader deep-down into the infinite abyss of its pages.  sTo Len’s participation in the Organik group was a long time coming, and the collaboration is fluid and fruitful.” – Karen Eliot, Artists’ Books Quarterly, Jan. 2021
* A hydro-feminism is a concept developed by theorist and educator Astrida Neimanis.
**Rubbing (AKA frottage), is a form of vigorous mono-printing that uses elements from the entire world as its matrices, it has origins in ancient China as one of the first printing practices.
The paper is non-alpha cotton offset-lithography printed nautical maps with a leather spine.
Organik is a fluid collaborative art group co-founded by Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber and Christopher Wilde in 1998, in Brooklyn, New York. The group focuses on the use of natural materials to explore issues of deep ecology using a spontaneous, intuitive, ‘rule-free’ collaborative, creative practice. Numerous guest artists have joined Organik in making over 100 unique artists’ books, performances and, installations, including:  Kelie Bowman, Sara Parkel, Eliana Perez, Veronicka Schäpers, Uta Schneider, Ulrike Stoltz,Laura Smith, Mark Wagner, Xu Bing and more.
A video of the book can be played here.(Thanks to Tomato Mouse Gallery where the book was exhibited in 2021.)