Carlo Quispe, Mike Diana: Uranus Comics

Carlo Quispe, Mike Diana: Uranus Comics


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2010, 67 pages, 8 x 10 inches, B/W perfect bound

Within the pages of their collaborative “Gay Love Comix,” Carlo Quispe, Mike Diana, and Shane Uht let their subconscious desires and fantasies roam freely, gleefully blurring distinctions between pleasure and pain, the public and the private, the sacred and the profane. Quickly-executed ink drawings, in which draftsmanship is sacrificed for rawness and spontaneity, give visual manifestation to situations rarely seen in comics of any kind: lovers arguing over their addictions and engaging in explicit sex acts involving razor blades, an “electric eel robot”, and – perhaps most shockingly – genuine and candidly-expressed affection for one another.